All You Need to Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a term that describes dental procedures that improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. Not too long ago, cosmetic dentistry was thought of as non-essential. That is no longer true. In fact, the opposite is true now. Cosmetic Dentistry offers several essential benefits. A little known fact is that easier cleaning is one of the desirable results of Cosmetic Dentistry, along with improved confidence and the reduction of grinding of the teeth while sleeping. Cosmetic dentists have received special training in areas of dental medicine specialties once considered to be non-essential.

Cosmetic Dentistry vs. General Dentistry

General Dentistry is the catch-all term for common dental procedures like fillings, extractions, root canals, general check-ups and other basic procedures. Cosmetic dental procedures, however, are considered added benefit procedures that offer patients more options for an aesthetically pleasing and healthier smile.

Cosmetic Procedures Improvements

These days, improvements have made dental procedures quicker, more effective and even pain-free. Gum treatments and laser whitening do not require anesthetics anymore. Complicated procedures like implants offer sedation and modern lasers for the most precise incisions. Improvements in cosmetic procedures mean that getting the perfect smile is anxiety and pain-free.

Your Smile and Your Confidence

Frequently, patients undergoing cosmetic dentistry procedures are not looking to improve their overall dental health. Yet their overall dental health can greatly improve over a period of time. A beautiful smile can do wonders for your personality and for your confidence. Smiling becomes easier for patients. This is a real plus! Several studies have been conducted that show proof of the many benefits of smiling every day.

It is much easier for a person to smile if that person is not embarrassed about his or her chipped, stained or crooked teeth. Receding gums or an unsightly gap can be fixed in just one sitting. This alone can give people something to smile about, which greatly assists in improving their confidence.

Cosmetic Dentistry Specific Treatments

Procedures considered to be general dentistry treatments, vs. cosmetic procedures, vs. orthodontic therapy can sometimes differ from one dentist to another. However, most agree that some of the best know cosmetic dentistry treatments include teeth whitening, bonding, crowns, veneers and implants.

The Most Important Procedures for Patients Considering Smile Makeovers

Thanks to improvements in dental technology and dental medicine, getting that perfect smile you have always wanted has now become a reality. The many procedures available today will go a long way in giving you the beautiful smile you want.

If you want to enhance your smile with cosmetic dentistry, please visit Adrian Guerra, DDS at AMG Dental Group for an exam and consultation. Dr. Guerra’s initial consultation is the most crucial component of a smile makeover.

During your smile transformation consultation, he will address the following issues:

  • Your vision and expectations of how you want your smile to look and feel after the makeover.
  • The current condition of your oral health.
  • The aspects of your teeth and gums that you wish to correct.
  • The combination of treatments required to reach your goal.
  • A detailed explanation of each procedure such as porcelain veneers, dental crowns, inlays/onlays, gum contouring, crown lengthening, tooth implants, and teeth whitening.
  • You can see before and after pictures of smile makeover patients.
  • Your options for how to schedule the makeover process (all at once or over time).
  • Information about oral sedation.
  • Answers to all of your questions and concerns.
  • Cosmetic dentistry prices and financing options.

By listening carefully, communicating clearly, and asking the right questions, Dr. Guerra can fully assess the many variables unique to your needs. Effective cosmetic dentistry consultations ensure complete patient satisfaction. If this is your first visit, you’ll discover that our skilled and friendly members work to make you comfortable. Your amazing smile begins with an exam and consultation at AMG Dental Group; give us a call at 561-844-6146.