The Benefits of Using Water Flossers Such as Waterpik

Many people believe that if they brush their teeth correctly, a Waterpik is a luxury that seems unnecessary. So why do dentists recommend using a Waterpik alongside a patient's normal dental hygiene routine? If you are not familiar with Waterpiks, following are some of the many benefits that may actually encourage you to start using a Waterpik.

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What is a Waterpik?

The name Waterpik is brand name for one of many oral irrigators available today. Many people refer to any electronic water-flossing device as a "Waterpik" despite the brand they choose. What a water flosser does is produce an electronically assisted jet stream of water, that is used to clean hard to reach places in the mouth, as well as break free particles of food that regular brushing may have missed.

A Healthy Endorsement

There is a very good reason why dentists recommend water flossing in addition to normal brushing. The reason is dentists know that brushing alone will only reach approximately 60% of a tooth's surface; the remaining 40% can only be reached by flossing, but less than half of Americans floss regularly. Why is that? There are many reasons: many people have difficulty flossing due to dental work or gum sensitivity; others find the whole procedure awkward or inconvenient. Getting a child to floss regularly, especially if they have braces, can be a near impossible expectation. That's where the benefits of a Waterpik come in.

Better than Plain Flossing

Clinical studies proved that using an electronic water-flossing device, such as a Waterpik to floss results in up to a 75% reduction in plaque than in people who did not floss, and up to 58% less plaque for those who used traditional string floss. That's because the stream of water allows for increased ease of cleaning especially, for those who have had extensive dental work like bridges, wear braces or dentures, or simply have hard-to-reach spots.

Ease of Use

Many people still find flossing as a chore, even knowing how important it is to one's dental health. There are also some people that may have mobility or coordination issues that make it difficult to floss. Children especially may never floss without resisting. The ease by which water flossing can be achieved can make flossing a pleasurable task. As an added benefit, water flossing is safe to use and proven more effective than traditional flossing.

Healthier Gums

Too much plaque can result in bloody, unhealthy gums which, left untreated, can lead to periodontal disease, gum disease, and gingivitis. A Waterpik uses water pressure and pulsations to remove this daily film buildup and maintain healthy gums.

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